Catalinbread Teaser Stallion 失真 单块效果器

Catalinbread Teaser Stallion是一种古老的失真宠儿,能够成为驯服的马或被欲望压抑的野兽。有四个控制和两个模式,有足够的可调范围,特别是当反馈回路启动时,它还能与吉他上的音量和音色交互,改变你能发出的声音。

  • 型号: Teaser Stallion
  • 价格:
  • 产地: 美国

Catalinbread Teaser Stallion是一种古老的失真宠儿,能够成为驯服的马或被欲望压抑的野兽。有四个控制和两个模式,有足够的可调范围,特别是当反馈回路启动时,它还能与吉他上的音量和音色交互,改变你能发出的声音。

Teaser Stallion有两种模式。第一个相对较脏的,从过载到失真。音色的控制这种失真是深邃而高亢的。拨动模拟切换开关,振荡器开始启动。反馈环会使你的音调变厚,为你的声音添加独特的纹理,甚至起到可控合成器的作用。在振荡模式下,反馈、音色和失真控制,都控制着Teaser Stallion的音高和凶猛程度,当然,它也受到吉他上音量和音色控制,以及拾音选择、音符弯曲等影响。



The Catalinbread Teaser Stallion is an old distortion favorite capable of being a tame horse or a lust pent beast. With four controls and two modes, there's plenty of range for anyone, especially when the feedback loop is engaged, which also interacts with the volume and tone on your guitar changing the sounds you're capable of making. 

The Teaser Stallion has two modes. The first features dirt, ranging from mellow overdrive to blistering distortion. The timbre control allows for that distortion to be deep and guttural or high and singing. Flip the toggle and the Teaser will start oscillating. The feedback loop thickens your tone, adds a unique texture to your sound, and even functions as a controllable synth. In oscillation mode the Feedback, Timbre, and Distortion controls, all govern the pitch and ferocity of the Teaser Stallion, but as an extension of this pedals aggression, is also effected by the volume and tone controls on your guitar, as well as pick up selection, note bending, etc. 

This pedal turns heads, offends traditionalists (and cats), but most importantly open doors to truly unique sounds and creative possibility.